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04/06/2011 14:23 (comments: 2)


Fugue Wassily Kandinsky 1914

My jewels, my memories
Are gone in the worst wind

My friends, my lovers
Are gone in the flying wind

Just like a wilted flower
Fall the hearts petals

When from solitude frozen
Slow decrepitude

I look for my house
I look for my reason

Emptying the drawers
I find a mirror

In it I see one unknown
Who is naked like me

Bare in the night
Bare of the life

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Licence Creative commons bysa

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Comment by edouard | 04/06/2011

Your poetry has a universal flavour, man.
Here is my only poem in English, just for you (not posted anywhere else yet):


Regards from a sad guy
With his brain in the sky,
The one you twice denied,
Wild goddess oF night.

He would love you so much
That he still needs a crutch
To walk away from the grief
And heave a sigh of relief.

You stood him up in summer,
One more chip on his shoulder;
If You see what I mean,
His blues has turned green.

Hope you’ll leave his mind,
Swept by winds of change;
But time can hardly grind
A memory so strange.


Comment by Edward | 04/06/2011

Another gorgeous one. But the sixth verse doesn’t seem right to me. Perhaps you have forgotten a word in the fifth verse: « just like from a wilted flower fall,etc. »