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Some poetry and short stories

04/06/2011 14:53 (comments: 0)

Iraq war

Somewhere in the Middle East. Scene 1

The Thousand and One Nights… Grilled lamb and spices smells , colors to blow up your nose… Colored cries, wire netting covered faces, children’s smiles…

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04/06/2011 14:44 (comments: 1)

Brittany town

The idiot

On December 12, 1502 in the hamlet of Kersignac. « Oh, my God ! My God ! Titouan! What have you done ? » The parents of little Nolwen returned home to discover the death of their two-year-old girl, crushed, her bones dislocated…

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04/06/2011 14:23 (comments: 2)

Fugue Wassily Kandinsky 1914


My jewels, my memories Are gone in the worst wind My friends, my lovers Are gone in the flying wind

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