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Some poetry and short stories

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Besutee Hazara Chiefs

Hazarajat or country of tears. THE END

The journey was long and perilous. The Americans had a great desire to preserve the lives of their warriors and often fired on anything that moved. Arrived in Kabul, I was looking for my sister and her family.

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Le grand boudha de Bâmiyân avant sa destruction

Hazarajat or country of tears. (6)

The truck stopped and we jumped down quickly. The others were excited and disputed about who would have the honor of becoming a Ghazi by killing an enemy of Islam. A ridiculous concern for Afghans that becomes a Ghazi by fighting foreign aggressors. A terrible scene revealed to my gaze and I wanted to be blind, be deaf, be dead.

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Band-e Amir lakes in Bamyan.(Afghanistan)

Hazarajat or country of tears. (5)

The body of my mother rested barely in Hazârajat that my superiors sent me to a mission of espionage in Yakaolang. They wanted to take advantage of my Hazâra physical appareance to gather information on the intentions of Khalili and his troops. The rumor grew on that he would fell upon the country in the coming days. I went to the village of Sar-e-Asyab where I had some relatives, though decided not to fight against Khalili and its Hazâras.

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Flags for the matyrs. Road to Bamiyan, Afghanistan

Hazarajat or country of tears. (4)

I spent the years 2000 to perform as well as possible my Taliban’s duties and those of my new status as head of household. The duties of a Taliban in the Shiite country were reduced to its simplest expression. We were patrolling the city to make sure that the Koranic law was respected as the Kabul authorities had enacted.

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Taliban in Herat.

Hazarajat or country of tears. (3)

The first time in Bamyan I was lost. I do not going to visit my family and I did my best to avoid contact with any Hazâra. What I have to admit was a tour de force at the heart of our country. My boss highly appreciated this restraint I was trying to hide me from the ghosts that haunted me and I fought fiercely the powerful love that I felt for my people, for my blood.

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